Varieties Of Hip Hop

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Varieties Of Hip Hop

Varieties Of Hip Hop

4 September 2015
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Are you obsessed with hip hop dance? Do you find yourself break dancing, krumping, or twerking whenever you're at a party? It could be because hip hop is one of the coolest and most fun forms of dance of all time! Different forms of hip hop can be seen all over the world – in clubs, schools, movies, and schools for the performing arts. So what are some of the most popular types of hip hop?


Krumping has recently gained popularity in the hip hop world because of its high levels of energy and creative it encourages. Krumping consists of four simple moves: chest pops, jabs, stomps, and arm swings. This type of hip hop is highly improvisational and allows the dancer to express themselves doing basically any movement they want. Younger performers tend to gravitate toward krump style of hip hop.  


Turfing is an acronym for "taking up the room on the floor." It's a style of dance that originated in Oakland, California. Turfers tend to take a storytelling stance when they perform, as a way of representing their turf. This dance is highly improvisational and tells a story.


Popping frequently gets confused with locking. It was started as an attempt to create an illusion by isolating the limbs or different sections of the body. It's a dance performed in a standing position with the body jerking and twitching to the beat. Each jerk is called a pop. An example of popping is the moonwalk, made famous by Michael Jackson in the 1980s. Animatronic steps are involved in popping and the movement is highly precise.


Locking consists of dramatic freezes or pauses, often in sync with a beat. This form of dance was created in 1969 by Campbellock Campbell and his crew, The Lockers. Some well-known locking moves are the Funky Guitar, Soo B Doo, Floor Sweep, and Muscleman.


As the name suggests, floating concentrates on smooth, floating movements, giving the impression that the performer is like a feather floating in the wind. The basic movements involved in floating are sliding, and floating.


B-boying, otherwise known as break dancing, may be the world's most popular form of hip hop dance. The unmistakable spinning on a head or one hand has entertained crowds for decades. It was the first known form of hip hop and continues to be wildly popular in dance circles. The team effort of b-boying creates excitement and thrills for spectators.

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