How To Prepare Your Child For A Ballet Dance Class

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How To Prepare Your Child For A Ballet Dance Class

How To Prepare Your Child For A Ballet Dance Class

23 August 2017
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Ballet is one of the world's most beautiful forms of dance and it can be a very challenging one at that to learn. If you have signed your child up for ballet lessons, there are some things you can do ahead of time to prepare them for this challenging dance. It doesn't matter if they have dreams of being a professional ballerina or simply want to enjoy the dance, these tips will help make the experience better:

Check With Your Doctor

It is a good idea to check with your doctor first before your child starts any type of physical activity including sports and especially with ballet. Ballet requires a strong body with flexible muscles and limbs so your child doesn't hurt themselves performing the moves. Your doctor can check out your child's range of flexibility and how strong their leg muscles are and if they are able to one day go on pointe.

Exercise and Do Stretches

While it's not necessary to really strength train ahead of the class' start, it can help make training in ballet easier for your child. The school most likely will have them performing stretches and doing light cardio type exercises during class to warm them up and to strengthen their muscles as well as their lungs and heart. You can help by taking daily walks or short jogs around the park, teach them simple stretches you might do before heading to the gym and perhaps even if the child is old enough, do a little weight training to build up muscle mass.

Ballet School

When you are researching a school in which to enroll your child, you should take into consideration if you intend for your child to pursue a professional career in dance or is this just a fun activity to do. Once you know for sure which direction you will head in, take a peek at local schools that teach dance around you. It is a good idea to check out the teacher's credentials and the school's track record.

If your child would like to learn other forms of dance at the same time as ballet, then choose a school with multiple styles of dance. If your child is heading toward becoming a professional ballet dancer, then it's best to enroll or audition for a school associated with a ballet company. You can enroll at first in the recreational division and then you can audition for the professional training section.

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